Quote from Program Note

"This piece was originally written to serve as the opening piece for a recital given by clarinetist Yumi Ito. Depicted in this piece is a little boy who is taking a walk in Central Park for the first time. He marches into the park, leading his parents excitedly by the hand. He sees many dogs on their walk, jazz musicians performing under the bridge, and the shiny sun reflected in the Reservoir on his way. Everything he sees there is very new to him, and finally, they leave the park with a feeling of satisfaction for his little adventure."

Commissioned by Yumi Ito
Premiered: 04.15.2012 @ Mannes College of Music by Yumi Ito

Published by Abundant Silence

Purchase the sheet music of Ayumi Okada's A Walk in the Park for Clarinet and Piano at http://www.abundantsilence.org/store/p16/A_Walk_in_the_Park_by_Ayumi_Okada.html