The fifth installment of my piano improvisation project is uploaded on Youtube. It is inspired by the scenery of Kyoto. As a child, I didn't always enjoy the grey sky of the city especially during the rainy season, but this time I attempted to see it as is.


Ayumi Okada - Creative Piano Works Commission

Posted by ayumi on June 10, 2020

A fundraiser to help commission me a new collection of creative works for intermediate pianists has just started! I am really excited about this project that I'd get to explore combining improvisation into my work - as I am a big fan of improvisation (sharing my latest improvisation video below)! Please check out the page and consider donating if it's something you'd be interested to see or play! 

Arrangement: "Kaiko (Nostalgia)" by M_M Koubou

Posted by ayumi on May 6, 2020


I did the piano arrangement for this new song by M_M Koubou called "Kaiko (Nostalgia)". It's a beautiful song depicting someone's emotional journey reflected upon four seasons in Japan. Currently, there's no English subtitle (lyrics) yet, but I still hope you enjoy it!

The Uncivil Ones was being featured on a presentation with Live & In Color on January 20th at 2:00 pm at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in New York City along with two other shows. 25 minutes of our material were sung by a spectacular group of artists! (Photo by Live & In Color)

Radio: The Gray Wolf aired at TheBuzz.Show

Posted by ayumi on August 5, 2019


On Sunday, August 5, the recording of The Gray Wolf (premiere performance by Listen Closely in 2017) was aired at a radio show called TheBuzz.Show with Christine Bush (streams via  It was part of a segment called #CollectiveBuzz that spotlights crowdfunded music projects, in this case Listening to Ladies. It was so thrilling to hear the piece being aired at a radio show in its entirety! Thank you, Christine!