Performed at the 28th Annual Kleban Prize Ceremony

Posted by ayumi on February 12, 2018


Photo by Marc J. Franklin

Performance of  

Photos by Marc J. Franklin from Go Inside the 28th Annual Kleban Prize Ceremony (Playbill)


Performed "What A View" from MY 80-YEAR-OLD BOYFRIEND with its star Charissa Bertels at the 28th Annual Kleban Prize Ceremony for the award winner Christian Duhamel (the most promising musical theater librettist.) 

第28回クリーバン賞授賞式にて、最も有望なミュージカル台本作家として本年度の同賞を受賞したChristian Duhamel氏の為に、Duhamel氏の作品である『私の80歳のボーイフレンド』より、"なんて眺めなの"を同作品主演のCharissa Bertel氏と演奏しました。