Lecture/ Workshop

Ayumi is a dedicated educator. She holds an MA in Music Education from Kyoto University of Education (Japan) and has been teaching piano privately for more than 15 years. In recent years, she has expanded her teaching in the areas of musical theatre songwriting and composition for piano students.


Maestra Music
International Collaboration: Japanese Theatre

Maestra Music, Inc. (501c3) gives support, visibility & community to the women & nonbinary people who make the music in the musical theater industry.

Ayumi taught a workshop through Maestra Virtual Technical Workshops in September 2022. In her workshop called International Collaboration: Japanese Theatre, presented in two parts, Ayumi first provided an overview of Japanese theatre forms, followed by an observation of how musical theatre has been adapted to this particular environment. In the second part, Ayumi discussed the possibilities for artistic collaboration across continents. 

特定非営利活動法人 ミュージカルライターズジャパン
「ミュージカル創作ワークショップ 第2回(1)」CEソング


団体の理事を務める岡田の進行により、創作ワークショップを2022年6月からオンライン(zoomミーティング)上で開催しています。第1回のAABA形式を経て、第2回ではCEソング(キャラクター・エスタブリッシュメント・ソング=一般に“I am song”や“I want song”と呼ばれている曲種)を取り上げ、導入編、分析編、実践編(2023年夏開催予定)の3回に分けてワークショップを実施しています(こちらのアーカイブ動画はCEソング導入編です。AABA形式の回とCEソング分析編もぜひご覧下さい)。



Festival for Creative Pianists
Telling a Story Through Music
The Festival for Creative Pianists is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a vision of uplifting creative expression and nurturing creative skills at the piano. 
Ayumi has been a teaching artist at the organization since 2021 then joined its board of directors in 2022. Her course "Telling A Story through Music" is currently running at The Festival for Creative Pianists Community. Join the community today and explore various courses and resources available at the platform as well as connect with other creative pianists!