Joining Landscape Music!

Posted by ayumi on March 26, 2021


I'm thrilled to be joining this wonderful network of musical artists and an online publication! Landscape Music is founded by composer Nell Shaw Cohen in 2015 to deepen public appreciation of the natural world by providing a platform for contemporary composers and performers whose music engages with landscape, nature, and place. Nature, alongside storytelling, has always been a big inspiration for my composition, and it's my honor to be joining this network! Please check out their beautiful website for more info!


音楽を通じ人々の自然を慈しむ心を喚起する目標で作られた、Landscape Musicというネットワークに加えてもらいました。景色・自然・場所をテーマに音楽を作る現代作曲家・演奏家がfeatureされていて、私にとっても自然は物語と並んで常に大きな作曲のインスピレーションなので、メンバーになることができて光栄です。プロフィールページには"A Sunny Autumn Day in Kyoto"と"In the Shade of an Acacia Tree" for viola のYoutube videoを作品のサンプルとして載せてもらいました。ぜひご覧ください!



My debut chamber music album Here, Where the Land Ends and the Sea Begins is now on BandCamp! So grateful to Abundant Silence for producing it and keep advocating for it. Hope it reaches out to more and more music lovers!



Thank you for your support - the fundraiser report!

Posted by ayumi on November 20, 2020

Thank you for your support for the crowdfunding campaign! 

We had a very successful campaign thanks to you, and concluded it by raising $898.84 donated by 14 donors! My sincere thanks to all the donors for their generous donations and everyone for helping spread the word. This is the most generous amount I have received for a commission so far, and I am deeply grateful and inspired. 

This work is exclusively dedicated to intermediate-level pianists, which has a lot of fun musical prompts to invite their own creativity to be projected in the piece. I am really excited about how it's coming together and cannot wait to share it with you soon!

Finally, let me share my latest piano improvisation video as my token of thanks for your support for the fundraiser. It's called "A Sunny Autumn Day in Kyoto." I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!





The fifth installment of my piano improvisation project is uploaded on Youtube. It is inspired by the scenery of Kyoto. As a child, I didn't always enjoy the grey sky of the city especially during the rainy season, but this time I attempted to see it as is.


Ayumi Okada - Creative Piano Works Commission

Posted by ayumi on June 10, 2020

A fundraiser to help commission me a new collection of creative works for intermediate pianists has just started! I am really excited about this project that I'd get to explore combining improvisation into my work - as I am a big fan of improvisation (sharing my latest improvisation video below)! Please check out the page and consider donating if it's something you'd be interested to see or play!