The Uncivil Ones was being featured on a presentation with Live & In Color on January 20th at 2:00 pm at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in New York City along with two other shows. 25 minutes of our material were sung by a spectacular group of artists! (Photo by Live & In Color)

Radio: The Gray Wolf aired at TheBuzz.Show

Posted by ayumi on August 5, 2019


On Sunday, August 5, the recording of The Gray Wolf (premiere performance by Listen Closely in 2017) was aired at a radio show called TheBuzz.Show with Christine Bush (streams via  It was part of a segment called #CollectiveBuzz that spotlights crowdfunded music projects, in this case Listening to Ladies. It was so thrilling to hear the piece being aired at a radio show in its entirety! Thank you, Christine!



Ayumi Okada is featured at Listening to Ladies! LtL is a popular podcast that features female classical composers. Each episode features excerpts from interviews with composers who are women, interwoven with samples of their work. The works featured in this episode are; "Violin Concerto No.1", "The Gray Wolf", "Cape Roca", and "Walk in the Park."


On Monday, June 17th, Ayumi Okada and her collaborator, Christian Duhamel, received the 2019 Jerry Harrington Award For Outstanding Creative Achievement from the Tony-honored BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop!

Click here for the news report by BroadwayWorld.


I was asked to write an article in the Local 802 AFM member magazine Allegro about my journey to becoming a composer of musicals and my collaboration with Christian Duhamel and Charissa Bertels on The Uncivil Ones. Now it's in print and available online as well! I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my story and celebrate our collaboration and dream of the next steps we'll take together!