The video of my In the Shade of an Acacia Tree for Solo Viola is now listed on I CARE IF YOU LISTEN TV.!

ヴィオラの為の「アカシアの木蔭で」のビデオがI CARE IF YOU LISTENのビデオ部門に取り上げてもらえました!

The Gray Wolf featured at Listening to Ladies

Posted by ayumi on May 26, 2018

The video of my piano quintet "The Gray Wolf" is featured at the blog of acclaimed podcast Listening to Ladies. Very honored and excited!

2017年に初演したピアノ五重奏の為のThe Gray Wolfのビデオを紹介して頂きました!

BMI Workshop Smoker on Thursday March 8

Posted by ayumi on February 24, 2018

I will be presenting a song written by Christian Duhamel and me at this showcase! The song is from a show Christian, I, and Charissa Bertels are currently writing/developing. More information about the show is coming soon!

所属しているBMIミュージカルシアター・ワークショップのショーケースに曲が選ばれ、3月8日にBMIにて演奏することになりました。現在Christian Duhamel氏とCharissa Bertels氏と執筆中のミュージカルからの一曲です。またショーについての詳細は近々お知らせできればと思います!

Performed at the 28th Annual Kleban Prize Ceremony

Posted by ayumi on February 12, 2018

Tannat Wine & Cheese Promotion Video

Posted by ayumi on September 14, 2017

Tannat Wine & Cheese is going to open in a month in Inwood, and in its kickstarter video, my "String Quartet No.1" is included as a soundtrack! The recording was made two years ago at Holy Trinity Church in Inwood by the wonderful local musicians of Listen Closely. (recorded by Abundant Silence)